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iEmPower by Sirveen

iEmPower is the new training arm of the Sirveen Group. With our 40 year history in the Electronics Design & Manufacturing industry, we are acutely aware of the limitations of the traditional coaching institutes for Embedded Software, Hardware, Application Software, etc. These institutes are stand-alone centers, with very limited knowledge of actual application of these skills in the Industrial Setting. Students struggle to make the adjustment from these classroom-oriented training centers to the actual Industrial requirements. 

iEmPower address all those concerns, and will enable to the students to not only get the best academic training possible, but also the best Industrial training & orientation during their course time.  

The classes will held at our premises of the Sirveen Group at Plot No A-7/1, Electronic Complex, Kushaiguda, Hyderabad, 500062. They will co locate with our flagship firm, M/s. Sirveen Control Systems Pvt Ltd, which has a very strong & successful 40 year history of Design, Development, Manufacturing & Support in the Electronics Industry

What iEmpower offers

Our First Course: Embedded Design

Description : Systematic understanding and practice of the concepts of Advanced C, Linux System & Network Programming, Wired and Wirelesss Networking Protocols, IOT and Embedded Hardware. Finish your course by working on hands-on embedded hardware and software project.

Duration : Roughly 6 months (4 Months Course + 2 Months Project).


Course is designed and taught by highly reputed Embedded Software Consultant & Trainer, Mr. Srinivasulu Karasala, who was the founder & Director of DEPIK Technologies – which was previously the best embedded training institute in Hyderabad for a decade. This is a course designed through years of experience to effectively teach the students advanced topics which are based on strong fundamentals. The following skills will be taught this is course:

C Programming Skills

Linux System and Network Programming Skills

Embedded and RTOS Programming Skills

Wired and Wireless Network Protocol Skills

IOT Concepts

Interfacing of different Embedded Hardware

This course is not for the students who just wish to get some job. This course is for the students

As we have limited seats available, we will have a selection test and interview to short list the candidates. Please find the details regarding the test below.

Minimum Requirements: Bachelors in Engineering with basic C language skills.

Call +91 8374445236 today to book your slot for the selection test.

For any additional queries, please send email to:

Test Info:

The screening test & interview will be based on the following topics

We have provided some material below to help prepare you for the test.